Zancanaro is. Zancanaro search. Zancanaro believes in the freedom of the sexes. Natural force of each being: supremacy of recognition to inhabit prohibited spaces. Zancanaro is, seeks, recreates an eternal adventure to exalt passionate spirits. Pleasure for female empowerment. Pleasure for male empowerment. New masculinities born together with other forms of femininity. Reinvented icons and genuine emblems: renewed wild spirits.

Zancanaro for her: monochrome swimwears and 18-carat gold-plated accessories. Zancanaro for him: beachwear in pastel colors and prints made by contemporary illustrators. Silver hardware signature gold for her, silver for him. Simple but majestic, laden elements of essence. Zancanaro is freedom, seeks exploration, believes in the empowerment of the sexes: a renewing attitude.